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A Flexbox layout implementation based on Facebook's Yoga library.


namespace bdn::ui::yoga
    class Layout : public ui::Layout


First, create the layout object and apply it to the window:

auto window = std::make_shared<bdn::ui::Window>();

Then set the stylesheet:

nlohmann::json jsonStylesheet = 
      {{"direction", FlexStylesheet::Direction::Column},
       {"flexGrow", 1.0},
       {"flexShrink", 1.0},
       {"alignItems", FlexStylesheet::Align::Stretch},
       {"padding", {{"all", 20.0}}},

window->styleSheet = jsonStylesheet;
window->styleSheet = 
        "direction" : "Column", 
        "flexGrow" : 1.0, 
        "flexShrink" : 1.0, 
        "alignItems" : "Stretch",
        "padding" : {"all" : 20.0}


The layout is configured using the View's stylesheet property. The layout retrieves its setting from the "flex" entry.


If the View's stylesheet does not specify a value, the following defaults are used:

  "flex" : {
    "alignContents": "Stretch",
    "alignItems": "Stretch",
    "alignSelf": "Auto",
    "direction": "Column",
    "flexBasis": null,
    "flexGrow": 0.0,
    "flexShrink": 1.0,
    "flexWrap": "NoWrap",
    "justifyContent": "FlexStart",
    "layoutDirection": "Inherit",
    "margin": {
      "all": null,
      "bottom": null,
      "left": null,
      "right": null,
      "top": null
    "padding": {
      "all": null,
      "bottom": null,
      "left": null,
      "right": null,
      "top": null
    "size": {
      "height": null,
      "width": null
    "maximumSize": {
      "height": null,
      "width": null
    "minimumSize": {
      "height": null,
      "width": null
    "aspectRatio": null


  • direction

    Specifies the layout direction.

    Value Direction
    Column (default) left to right
    ColumnReverse right to left
    Row top to bottom
    RowReverse bottom to top
  • layoutDirection

    Specifies the layout anchor.

    Value Direction
    LTR (default) left to right
    RTL right to left
  • flexWrap

    Allows items to wrap to the next line if they don't fit.

    Value Result
    NoWrap (default) overflow / shrink
    Wrap move to next line
    WrapReverse start at end, overflow into previous


Available values for alignItems/alignSelf/alignContent:

Value Description
Auto inherit parents alignItems
FlexStart Align towards parent start
Center Align towards parent center
FlexEnd Align towards parent end
Stretch fill parent secondary axis
Baseline align to baseline of neighbouring items
SpaceBetween move to next line
SpaceAround move to next line
  • alignItems

    Alignment of children along the cross axis of the container.

    Defaults to Stretch.

  • alignSelf

    Same as alignItems but for a single child (overrides the parents alignItems).

    Defaults to Auto.

  • alignContent

    Alignment of lines along the cross-axis. Only affects containers with flexWrap enabled.

    Defaults to Stretch.

  • justifyContent

    Aligns child nodes along the main axis. Possible values:

    Value Distribution
    FlexStart (default) start of the container
    Center center of the container
    FlexEnd end of the container
    SpaceEvenly evenly across the container, remaining space split evenly around items
    SpaceBetween evenly across the container, remaining space split between items
    SpaceAround evenly across the container, remaining space split around the items

    Defaults to FlexStart.


  • flexBasis

    Specifies the default size of the item along the containers main axis. Similar to size/width for row containers or size/height for column containers. flexBasis can be specified in pixels or as percentage value (string):

    { "flexBasis" : 100 },
    { "flexBasis" : "100px" },
    { "flexBasis" : "100%" }
  • flexGrow

    Specifies the fraction of a container's empty space the item should request. The default value is 0.

  • flexShrink

    Specifies how much to shrink an item if there is not enough space.


Margin and padding can be specified as pixels or percentage value (string):

{ "margin" : {"all" : 100} },
{ "margin" : {"all" : "100px"} },
{ "margin" : {"all" : "100%"} }

As a shorthand for all you can also use this form:

{ "margin" : 100 },
{ "padding" : 100 },
  • margin

    Specifies the border around the item

  • padding

    Specifies the border inside the item


Sizes are specified as dictionaries containing width and height.

Boden  CSS equivalent
size width, height
minimumSize min-width, min-height
maximumSize max-width, max-height

minimumSize/maximumSize can be specified as pixels or percentage value (string):

{ "size" : {"width" : 100} },
{ "minimumSize" : {"width" : "100px"} },
{ "maximumSize" : {"width" : "100%"} }
  • size

    Specifies the width and height of the item.

    • size/width
    • size/height
  • minimumSize

    Specifies the minimum width and height of the item.

    • minimumSize/width
    • minimumSize/height
  • maximumSize

    Specifies the maximum width and height of the item.

    • maximumSize/width
    • maximumSize/height
  • aspectRatio

    Defines the aspect ratio.