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Abstract base class for all user interface elements.


namespace bdn::ui {
    class View : public std::enable_shared_from_this<View>


  • Property<Rect> geometry

    Current geometry of the view on screen.

  • Property<bool> visible = true

    Whether the view is visible.

  • Property<std::shared_ptr<json>> stylesheet

    A stylesheet defining the styling and layout of the view.

  • Property<bool> isLayoutRoot = false

    Whether the view is treated as a layout root. If set to true, the view's geometry will not be changed by the layout system. Children are not affected by this setting and will still be processed by the layout system. Defaults to false.

  • const Property<std::weak_ptr<View>> &parentView

    (read-only) The current parent view.


  • { "background-color" : Color }

    Controls the background color of the view.


  • virtual Size sizeForSpace(Size availableSpace = Size::none()) const

    Calculates the view's Size for the given space.

  • std::shared_ptr<Layout> getLayout()

    Returns the view's Layout.

  • void setLayout(std::shared_ptr<Layout> layout)

    Sets the view's Layout.

  • void setFallbackLayout(std::shared_ptr<Layout> layout)

    Sets the view's Layout fallback. A view that has no layout set (via setLayout) will use the given layout.

View Core

  • std::shared_ptr<ViewCore> viewCore() const

    Returns the view's ViewCore.

  • std::shared_ptr<ViewCoreFactory> viewCoreFactory()

    Returns the view's ViewCoreFactory.

  • virtual void bindViewCore()

    Called after a new ViewCore is created to connect it to the view's properties and notifiers

  • virtual const std::type_info &typeInfoForCoreCreation() const

    Returns the std::type_info that should be used to determine the ViewCore type. The default implementation returns typeid(*this). Override if you want to use a different ViewCore.

View Hierarchy

  • virtual std::vector<std::shared_ptr<View>> childViews() const

    Returns the view's child views.


  • std::shared_ptr<View> shared_from_this()

    Returns an std::shared_ptr referencing the view.


Inherits from std::enable_shared_from_this<View>.