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An implementation of a thread_local global static stack.


namespace bdn {
    template<class T, T(*defaultFunction)() = nullptr>
    class GlobalStack


#include <bdn/GlobalStack.h>

using namespace bdn;

int defaultInt() {
    return 0;

int main() {
    using MyStack = GlobalStack<int, &defaultInt>;

    std::cout << MyStack::top() << std::endl; // "0"
    std::cout << MyStack::top() << std::endl; // "10"
    std::cout << MyStack::top() << std::endl; // "0"

Template arguments

  • T

    The type stored in the stack

  • T(*defaultFunction)()

    A function pointer that is called if the stack is empty during a call to top()

Accessing the stack

  • static T& top()

    Returns the top entry of the current threads stack. If the stack is empty and a defaultFunction was set, a new entry will be pushed onto the stack by calling defaultFunction and pushing the result onto the stack. If no defaultFunction was set an std::runtime_error will be thrown.

Changing the stack

  • static void push(T&& entry)

    Pushed the entry to the top of the current threads stack

  • static void pop()

    Removes the top entry from the the current threads stack.