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Interface representing a platform specific "view core". Classes inheriting from ViewCore implement the actual user interface logic to display user interfaces on screen.


namespace bdn::ui {
    class View {
        class Core



  • virtual void init() = 0

    Deriving classes must override this method to implement initialization of platform-specific objects.

  • virtual Size sizeForSpace(Size availableSize = Size::none()) const

    Returns the fitting size for the view given the available size. Setting availableSize to Size::none() indicates that infinite space is available to the view.

  • virtual bool canMoveToParentView(std::shared_ptr<View> newParentView) const = 0

    Returns whether the view core can move to another parent view.

  • virtual void dispose() = 0

    Called when the view core should be disposed.

  • virtual void scheduleLayout() = 0

  • void startLayout()

  • void markDirty()

  • virtual void setLayout(std::shared_ptr<Layout> layout)