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A simple single-line editable text field.


namespace bdn::ui {
    class TextField : public View


#include <bdn/ui/TextField.h>
auto textField = std::make_shared<TextField>();
textField->text = "Hello world!";
textField->onSubmit() += [](auto event) {
  // Do something on submit


  • Property<std::string> text

    The text displayed in the text field.

  • Property<Text> placeholder

    A placeholder text displayed when the text field is empty.

  • Property<AutocorrectionType> autocorrectionType

    The autocorrection type used by the text field.

    If not set, the platform's default behavior will be used. If set to AutocorrectionType::Yes, the text field will display typing suggestions and apply platform-specific autocorrection and autocomplete.

    Note that on Android, the implementation of the software keyboard may override the behavior indicated by the autocorrectionType property.

    This property is supported on Android and iOS only.


    On Android, this function uses the EditText widget's input type flag TYPE_TEXT_FLAG_NO_SUGGESTIONS to deactivate autocorrection, autocomplete, and typing suggestions. Based on the software keyboard implementation used by the operating system, this flag may or may not have an effect. Setting the autocorrectionType property to AutocorrectionType::No is hence not a guarantee that autocorrection will be deactivated on Android.

  • Property<ReturnKeyType> returnKeyType

    The type of return key to use when displaying a software keyboard.

    Defaults to ReturnKeyType::Default which corresponds to input action IME_ACTION_UNSPECIFIED on Android and to UIReturnKeyDefault on iOS. The default indicates that the operating system should decide what return key type to display. Typically, iOS will show "return" and Android will show "return" or "done" in the return key button. See ReturnKeyType for details.

    This property is supported on Android and iOS only.

  • Property<TextInputType> textInputType

    The type of content that the user is supposed to enter.

    Defaults to TextInputType::Text which corresponds to UIKeyboardTypeDefault on iOS and InputType::TYPE_CLASS_TEXT on Android.

    This property is supported on Android and iOS only.

  • Property<bool> obscureInput

    Controls whether the text field should hide the users input or not.

    The default is false.

    Note that on Android this is only supported for certain TextInputTypes, namely Text and Number.

    This property is supported on Android and iOS only.


  • { "font" : Font }

    Controls the font of the TextField.


  • void submit()

    Informs observers of the onSubmit() notifier about a submit event.

  • void focus()

    Sets focus to the text field.


  • Notifier<const SubmitEvent &> &onSubmit()

    Notifies subscribers when the Enter key is pressed by the user.

    Subscribe to this notifier if you want to be notified about submit events posted to the text field. Submit events are posted when the user presses the Enter key or when submit() is called programmatically.


Inherits from: View