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An abstract base class for a ListView's data source.

To implement a custom list view data source, inherit from ListViewDataSource and implement numberOfRows(), viewForRowIndex(), and heightForRowIndex(). See the example below for reference.


namespace bdn::ui {
    class ListViewDataSource


#include <bdn/String.h>
#include <bdn/ui/ListView.h>
#include <bdn/ui/ListViewDataSource.h>

class MyDataSource : public bdn::ListViewDataSource
    std::array<std::string, 2> _data = {"This is a test", "With only two lines of text"};

    size_t numberOfRows(const std::shared_ptr<ListView>&) override { return 2; }

    std::shared_ptr<View> viewForRowIndex(const std::shared_ptr<ListView>&,
                                          size_t rowIndex, 
                                          std::shared_ptr<bdn::View> reusableView) override
        auto label = std::dynamic_pointer_cast<bdn::Label>(reusableView);
        if (!label) {
            label = std::make_shared<bdn::Label>();
        label->text = _data[rowIndex];;
        return std::dynamic_pointer_cast<bdn::View>(label);

    float heightForRowIndex(const std::shared_ptr<ListView>&, size_t rowIndex) override { return 25; }
// ...
auto listView = std::make_shared<bdn::ListView>();
listView->dataSource = std::make_shared<MyDataSource>();

Implementing a Data Source

  • virtual size_t numberOfRows(const std::shared_ptr<ListView>& listView) = 0

    Return the number of available rows in your data source implementation.

  • virtual std::shared_ptr<View> viewForRowIndex(const std::shared_ptr<ListView>& listView, size_t rowIndex, std::shared_ptr<View> reusableView) = 0

    Return the item view for the given row index in your data source implementation.

  • virtual float heightForRowIndex(const std::shared_ptr<ListView>& listView, size_t rowIndex) = 0

    Return the height of the row at the given row index in your data source implementation.

  • virtual bool shouldSelectRow(const std::shared_ptr<ListView>& listView, size_t rowIndex)

    Return whether the user can select the specified row.

    The default implementation returns true.