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A view for displaying web content within your app.


namespace bdn::ui {
    class WebView : public View


#include <bdn/ui/WebView.h>
// ...
auto webView = std::make_shared<WebView>();
webView->url = ""


  • Property<std::string> url

    The URL of the web page to be displayed in the web view. Set this property to load a given URL.

  • Property<std::string> userAgent

    (Optional.) The user agent string that will be sent as part of the HTTP request made to load the web view's url. If not set, the default system user agent will be used.

  • Property<std::function<bool(RedirectRequest)>> redirectHandler

    (Optional.) A function for handling redirect requests. If not set, the default redirect handling logic of the native web view implementation will be used.

Loading a Web Page

  • void loadURL(const std::string &url)

    Loads the web page with the given URL and sets the url property accordingly.

    Calling loadURL() is essentially identical to setting the url property directly. Once the URL is set, the framework will load the resource asynchronously and display it to the user when it becomes ready.



Represents a redirect request returned by a HTTP server.

Public Members

  • std::string url

    The redirect URL requested by the server.


Inherits from View.