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What platforms are supported?

Currently Boden supports iOS and Android. Desktop platforms will be supported in the future, but we cannot nail down a date yet.

On which platforms can I develop apps based on Boden?

On macOS, Linux, and Windows.

To compile, run, and deploy iOS apps, you will need a Mac.

What IDEs are supported?

Xcode on macOS, Android Studio on Linux and Windows.

Other workflows are possible, but we don't advertise them actively as they have not yet been thoroughly tested.

How does licensing work?

Boden is an open-source project licensed under the (Lesser) GNU General Public License. You may license Boden either under the GPL (version 2 or 3) or LGPL (version 2.1 or 3). Please refer to our Licensing section for details.

If you cannot or do not want to comply with the (L)GPL terms, please contact us to learn more about our commercial/proprietary licensing options.

Where can I get support?

We recommend joining the Boden Google Group. We read every post in the group and will do our best to respond to questions quickly.

I found an issue. What should I do?

Please open an issue on GitHub and tell us about it.

Can I already build a production app with Boden?

Most likely not yet. But we're ramping up quickly, so this might change within the next weeks and months. We aim for a Boden 1.0 release by Q1/2020 and it will most likely be possible to create a producion app earlier.

Are desktop platforms supported?

Not yet. But eventually they will be supported. See below.

Do you plan to support desktop platforms in the future?

Yes. Most likely we will support macOS and Windows UWP in the future, but we don't yet know exactly when desktop support will land in Boden.

Hint: There's unofficial macOS support already, but we don't talk about that as it's not going to be stable soon and is intended for internal testing purposes only at the moment.

Is Boden a Commercial Project?

Yes. While Boden is free and open source, it is commercially developed by a full-time team. Our goal is to make sophisticated app development hassle-free for you and we believe there is no better way of ensuring the necessary resources are fully committed to the framework.

Didn't find the question you were looking for?

Please let us know. We're happy to answer your questions!