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Represents the application.

To define the setup and behavior of your own app, inherit from ApplicationController.

The application's entry point is defined by the BDN_APP_INIT macro. See ApplicationController for an example.


namespace bdn {
    class Application 
        : public std::enable_shared_from_this<Application>

Obtaining the Global Application Instance

  • static std::shared_ptr<Application> globalApplication()

    Returns the global Application instance for the current process.

Registering an Application Controller

  • BDN_APP_INIT(ApplicationControllerClassName)

    Use this macro to register your main application controller.


  • Property<std::vector<std::string>> commandLineArguments

    A list of command-line arguments as specified when the application was launched.

  • std::shared_ptr<DispatchQueue> dispatchQueue()

    The main thread's DispatchQueue.

  • std::shared_ptr<ApplicationController> applicationController()

    The user-defined application controller associated with the application.

Commandline arguments

  • int argc()

    Returns the number of command-line arguments.

  • char **argv()

    Returns the raw command-line arguments.

Main thread

  • static std::thread::id mainThreadId()

    Returns the thread-id of the main thread ( The thread that created the Application )

  • static bool isMainThread()

    Returns true if the current thread is the main thread

  • static void assertInMainThread()

    Asserts that the current thread is the main thread

OS Services

  • virtual void openURL(const std::string &url)

    Opens the given URL in a suitable external application. Web URLs will be opened in the system's standard web browser. Application-specific URLs will open in the respective application.

  • virtual void copyToClipboard(const std::string &str)

    Copies the given string to the clipboard.


  • virtual std::string uriToBundledFileUri(const std::string &uri)

    Returns a platform specific representation of a resource path (see: Resources). If the path cannot be converted, the uri parameter is returned.


  • void initiateExitIfPossible(int exitCode)

    Tries to shutdown the application with the given exit code.

    Does nothing on Android.