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Notifies subscribing callback methods about an event synchronously.


namespace bdn {
    template<class... Arguments>
    class Notifier


  • using Subscription = size_t

    An ID referencing a specific subscription.

  • using Target = std::function<void(Arguments...)>

    The type of a callback.

Subscribing to a Notifier

  • Subscription subscribe(Target target)

    Subscribes the function specified by target to the notifier and returns a Subscription value. The returned Subscription may be persisted by the caller to later unsubscribe from the subscription again.

  • Notifier<Arguments...> operator+=(Target target)

    Convenience for adding a new subscription by using operator +=. If you need to unsubscribe the subscriber later on, use subscribe instead.

Unsubscribing from a Notifier

  • void unsubscribe(Subscription subscription)

    Unsubscribe the given subscription.

  • void unsubscribeAll()

    Unsubscribe all subscriptions.


It is safe to unsubscribe during a notify() call

Notifying Subscribers

  • void notify(Arguments... arguments)

    Notifies all subscribers. Passes the given arguments to each subscriber.