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Base class for iOS view cores.

This effectively wraps UIView and serves as a foundation for all other iOS view cores.


namespace bdn::ios {
    class ViewCore : public bdn::View::Core, public std::enable_shared_from_this<ViewCore>


  • ViewCore(const std::shared_ptr<bdn::ViewCoreFactory> &viewCoreFactory, id<UIViewWithFrameNotification> uiView)
  • void init() override

Parent/Child relations

  • bool canMoveToParentView(std::shared_ptr newParentView) const override

    Always returns true on iOS as UIViews can move to any parent view.

  • virtual void addChildViewCore(const std::shared_ptr &core)

  • virtual void removeFromUISuperview()


  • virtual void frameChanged()

    Updates the geometry Property based on the UIView's frame.

  • virtual void onGeometryChanged(Rect newGeometry)

    Updates the UIView's frame to the Rect given in newGeometry.


  • Size sizeForSpace(Size availableSpace = Size::none()) const override

    Uses UIView::systemLayoutSizeFittingSize to calculate the preferred Size of the View.

  • void scheduleLayout() override

    Triggers the setNeedsLayout method of the managed UIView.

  • virtual bool canAdjustToAvailableWidth() const

    Override to influence how sizeForSpace behaves.

  • virtual bool canAdjustToAvailableHeight() const

    Override to influence how sizeForSpace behaves.


  • template <class T> std::shared_ptr<T> shared_from_this()

    Returns shared_from_this casted to std::shared_ptr<T> using std::dynamic_pointer_cast<T>.

  • UIView *uiView() const

    Returns the UIView that was passed to the constructor.

Reporting Size Changes to the Core

The Boden Framework supports native layout updates from the target platform. This is especially useful in cases where native widget layouts should be reused to eliminate the need for custom non-native layout implementations, e.g. in list views (UITableView on iOS).

When an iOS view changes its size, the framework therefore needs to be informed so it can update the view's geometry property.

To accommodate for native layout updates, ios::ViewCore and all subclasses wrapping native UIViews must implement the UIViewWithFrameNotification protocol:

@protocol UIViewWithFrameNotification
- (void)setViewCore:(std::weak_ptr<bdn::ios::ViewCore>)viewCore;

The ios::ViewCore constructor will call setViewCore on its native UIView instance. The UIView subclass then needs to call back the core's frameChanged method when its frame changes. For instance, this is the implementation used by ios::ButtonCore:

@interface BodenUIButton : UIButton <UIViewWithFrameNotification>
@property(nonatomic, assign) std::weak_ptr<bdn::ios::ButtonCore> core;

@implementation BodenUIButton

- (void)setViewCore:(std::weak_ptr<bdn::ios::ViewCore>)viewCore
    self.core = std::dynamic_pointer_cast<bdn::ios::ButtonCore>(viewCore.lock());

- (void)setFrame:(CGRect)frame
    [super setFrame:frame];
    if (auto core = self.core.lock()) {